Thanks for the Laughs Thursday

Lots of funny things happen all day long. You know, you're a teacher. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't chuckle to myself about something the kiddies have said or done. Take today, for example...

We are having a talent show at our school. The kids will perform and it will be marvelous. I announced the talent show "auditions" were coming up. 

Here are some of the performances we can look forward to: 

"I'm going to dance to 'Can't Touch This' in my ninja Halloween costume!"

"I'm going to tap dance" (moving his feet one million miles a minute that I can barely even understand what he's saying and it's making my stomach hurt looking at how fast his feet are moving...)

And, my personal fave...

"I'm going to dance around with a snake!!!" 

Like Britney Spears!?!?!? Circa 2001!!!!! What!?!??! I don't think they were even born then!!!???

Did you hear any funnies today??? I'd love to hear them! 



  1. I did read a lot of funny things today. But...I can't remember any :( Bad teacher :(
    Looking forward to seeing a picture of your kiddie dancing with the snake. Can't wait to see that!
    My Second Sense

  2. We have a talent concert each year and I LOVE it!! I'm always so in awe of the kids who are brave enough to participate.

    Grade ONEderful
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