What's In the Box??? & A Quick Question

We're still knee deep in testing... :-/

So we were so excited when THIS arrived!!!!!

What could it be!?!?!?!?

I gave the kiddos three clues:

1. It's small and furry.
2. It's alive.
3. It has to do with life cycles. 

Here's what my brilliant second graders guessed...  ;-)

(Hamster= wishful thinking...)

(A kitten!? This is not the front of the grocery store.)

(Flying squirrel= Award for most creative guess.)

(Really!?!?!?! A skunk???)

We're starting our big old life cycles unit!!! Fun fun fun!!! And this was the PREFECT introduction to the unit!!!! Inside the box is a cup of CATERPILLARS!!!! (I forgot to take a picture!!! Ooops!)

{ This was a big disappointment for many of the kids, especially the ones who thought it was a baby wolf, skunk, or flying squirrel... They were not impressed. The ONE kid that did guess 'caterpillar' was excited, though! }

So my question for you is...

Do you know of any fabulous life cycles/butterflies units or resources out there!?!? I would love it if you would share! :)

Hope you had a wonderful Monday!!! 


  1. I LOVE BOXES!!!! Esp when you don't know what's inside:)
    I had to do butterflies on the side this year- so it was informal- I bet a quick search of Tpt could spawn some great ideas:)

    Going Nutty!


  2. Hehehe! All good guesses from those little guys ;)

    All Students Can SHINE