100th Day Fun

Apparently my kiddos and I were a little late to the 100th Day of School party...

We start school late (I think...)- after Labor Day. Which means our hundredth day of school was on February 15th. As you know, this happened to be the day after Valentine's Day. And I was just too tired and too exhausted to have our 100th day shindig then. Soooo, I pushed it to Thursday. 

WHICH, might I add, REALLY was TECHNICALLY our 100th day of school because of the Power Outage Day. Yes, some of you lucky ducks get snow days, but we here in Southern California are not so lucky. We get Power Outage Days. Yes, the power was out from here to Mexico to Orange County to Arizona. That's right- no power anywhere from 3:00 in the afternoon to who-knows-when, anywhere. So, not knowing when the power would be back on, the Superintendent of schools CANCELLED school for all schools in and around San Diego county the next day (which happened to be a Friday!!!!!!!). This was the best, most unexpected news we've had all year! A completely free day!!!! When we should have been working!!!!! With kids!!!! Which then turned into a three day weekend!!!! The power ended up coming back on around 3 in the morning, but by then, school was already cancelled. They couldn't take that away from us. 

And I must say, I'll take sitting in the dark eating chili that was warmed up on the BBQ and Goldfish for dinner (there was no power!!!) anytime to have a free day off school! :-) 

Anyways, back to our 100th day fun! 

We used Hope King's 100th Day Craze packet to celebrate. I would have loved to do more than I did, but our schedule didn't permit. Next year, though! 

***Sidenote: I often wonder what I did before I discovered teacher blogs- I must not have been a very good or very fun/exciting teacher. Thank you for all of your amazing ideas!!! ***

These were my faves!!!: 

"When I am 100 years old I would have gray hair. Me and my husband would chase the kids (off the lawn). My garden would be beautiful. I will have a weird voice. I will live in an apartment."

My favorite quote from this one was: "When I'm 100 years old I hope I am still alife still."  

Others said: 

"I will be grouchy that no one will visit me." (How sad, right?) 

"When I am 100 years old, I will need a seeing eye dog to help me." 

"I will be a grandmother and I will tell all of my grandchildren all of my awesome stories."

"When I am 100, I will have a wheelchair with flames that goes 100 miles per hour." 

And the art that went with the writing turned out adorable!!!

His writing said, "When I am 100 years old I will still ride a motorcycle, have gray hair, be a retired U.S.M.C. soldier, live alone, watch T.V., and use Rogaine." 

Love the overalls!!!...

And the mustache!

Hope you're having a wonderful three day weekend!!!



  1. Even though it was late it still looks like your kids had a lot of fun! Have a good Sunday!

  2. Super cute pictures and I loved reading what they wrote! I want to see that wheelchair with flames that goes 100mph. lol!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the pictures your kids made! :) So cute!
    Stories From Second

  4. Hi Sandy
    Well I guess I can say we have a lot in common. I teach first, live in Southern Cal
    ( formely in Vista ) and we have the same blog design...good taste. I haven't seen another one like mine until now. But you were first - I just became a blogger. Love your ideas! Come on over to see your twin sometime. :o) Also you have the best name ever..that was my mom's name. :o)
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