The Future Leaders of our Country & a Question

We have been talking about President's Day this week. We did some writing using Ginger's adorable "If I were president" template. (Thank you Ginger!!!) You can find it here!

It turns out, I have many future leaders in my class. Here's what you can look forward to in the presidential election of 2056:

"If I were president, I would eat all day."

"If I were president, I would have pretty dresses and my guards would protect me."

"If I were president, I would make a rule. The rule is no dogs fighting."

"If I were president, I would make everyday a field trip. And I would make milk shakes for everyone. And we would have four hours of recess. And I would make the cafeteria have Slurpees."

"If I were president, I would build new libraries so people could read for free."

Apparently, we need to talk more about what our president really does...

PS- I have really enjoyed reading about everyone's adorable President's Day ideas and seeing what all of your student's have created! I just wish I had more time to fit more in!!!! There's never enough time!!! Next year! :-)

Now a question for you...

1. How do you decide whether or not to post pictures of your students on your blog??? All of my students have signed slips saying their pictures/videos can be published online, but I am still hesitant. Does that just mean on our school website? How do you handle this???

Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow is Thursday which means the next day is Friday!!! My favorite day of the week!!!

And... Idol is on tonight! :-)


  1. My kids will be writing about being president too. Their ideas are usually pretty funny. Thanks for sharing yours. :)

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I do not post any pictures of my students. I don't think it is appropriate to have their pictures on my blog. I don't think you need to put pictures of your students on your blog to prove your point or show a lesson you did. That is just my opinion. I hope you have a super duper Friday!

  3. Hi Sandy!

    I am so glad I found your blog! I am a 4th grade teacher in San Diego! I just started blogging, but when I take pictures of my kiddos for our classroom website I also try to take some shots without their faces so I can use them for my blog! That way it's obvious what the kids are doing, but I don't have to worry about any issues coming up with their pictures! :)

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