What a Day

I'm following in Reagan's steps... she started her post off yesterday with: You know it's Monday when...

Well, you know it's going to be one of those days when...

It's raining and you have a million (and one) bags to carry (this is actually an everyday occurrence- having lots of bags and lots of stuff)- and no extra arm to hold the dang umbrella. = soggy wet teacher and soggy wet papers.

The power is out when you finally make it to your classroom. This means no copying, no pencil sharpening, no checking emails, or prepping the SMART board for the day. And no light. (Don't worry- it came on by 7:15!)  

You see the students all dressed up and looking very pretty/handsome... It's picture day. And you forgot. And  haven't washed your hair since Saturday. (Don't judge me). This wasn't a pretty situation people. 

There is a glue explosion before 8:00. Glue everywhere. I'm not kidding. How can that much glue come out of one of those little Elmer's bottles...?!?!?

Anywho- it turned out to be an okay day after all of the morning mishaps.

We've been enjoying learning about Dr. Seuss! FYI- there is a FREE BrainPop video on Dr. Seuss- you don't have to subscribe to access this video! Click here to check it out! 

We've also been using these reward charts to keep track of how many Dr. Seuss books we can read!!!

The kiddies can't get their hands off the Dr. Seuss books I jacked checked out from my local library. 

Let's just say, the library isn't all that big, and there was a very nice display with all of their Dr. Seuss books. Well, I needed them. So I destroyed the display checked out the books. They're in the hands of kids! Who are reading them!!!! So I don't feel all that bad. But the nice librarian lady did give me the evil eye as I was stealing excitedly checking out the books. My hubby said I'll probably get blacklisted from the library for this. (Can they do that?!?!) 


  1. Haha! Sandy your posts always crack me up. I'm sorry you had such a bad morning but glad it perked up! And I think what you did at the library was great! :)

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice

  2. Too funny, I have had a few days like that. We are immersed in Seussville too :)

  3. What a morning. Some mornings are like that. Good thing the rest of the day improved.:)


  4. Wow, what a start to the day!! Thanks for sharing the Brain Pop video! My kids will love it!!

    The First Grade Dream