A Kiss And A Squeeze

I am so excited because I had a very productive day off today!!!

I was able to get all of my kiddo's Valentine gifts ready to go...

"A kiss and a squeeze!"

Where else would I have gotten the idea but from Pinterest! There are so many cute ideas out there it was hard to pick one!

Here's the original pin:

                                                                              Source: Uploaded by user via Sandy on Pinterest


I can't remember where I found these cuties at...if you know, PLEASE let me know so I can THANK them!!! :)

I also created a new behavior chart for my classroom! I've been wanting to do this for a while, so when I saw Sandra's behavior chart at Sweet Times in First I had to grab it! It turned out adorable! See....


I hope you had a productive day too! 


  1. I love your v-day gifts!!! Super cute!!
    And that behavior chart looks awesome!!!! I love the paper you chose for it!!! :):):) Love it! Thanks for the shout out!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  2. Just discovered your blog !! I was drawn to the profile "Sunny San Diego". I live in freezing cold Caledonia, Ontario, Canada !! Loved your v gifts...just got mine wrapped up and need to start on their Valentine cards. Have a great day tomorrow :)