This Is

This is what got me through the day!!!!!!!!

This is what one of my kiddies wrote as his "Audience Hook" for his friendly letter. We are writing about what makes us grouchy. He gets grouchy when he has to wake up early. 

"Please wake me up with the smell of sausage instead of my alarm." 

This is the song our class created using the app Songify. 

This app turns regular old voice recordings into songs instantly. We used the word "solution." 

This was one of my students reading the lyrics. One of the other kiddos said he sounds like a rock star. After listening to that all morning, they'll probably never forget what a solution is. Here are the lyrics! :)

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!


  1. I am LOVING your use of Songify in the classroom. My students LOVE this app. They tell me they sound just like the famous rapper

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

  2. I agree with your little one... but I'd rather wake up to the smell of bacon! :D Oh My Goodness!!! How cute is that?!
    Dragonflies in First

  3. I am so going to talk to our tech guy about putting Songify on my school's IPADS. Awesome!

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  4. That is cute. Also, thanks for the reminder I need to go take out a loan to pay for all the girl scout I bought.

    Queen with Class

  5. Three things:
    1.Girl Scout cookies are here? How did I not know this? My girl scouts so did not hit me up to buy cookies. :(

    2.I love, love, love all the stuff you do with ipods in your classroom! Only our special education classrooms have ipods/ipads and I'm so jealous!

    3.I'm with your student. I'd rather be woken up by the smell and sound of crackling bacon than my alarm any day.
    Stories From Second